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Jayson Hollingsworth Bka Jay Holly is an MC/lyricist, and owner of Now or Never Recording Studio, a vocal booth, located in Queens, New York City, where he records and mixes music for upcoming Artists. Emerging from the gritty streets of Southside, Jamaica Queens, New York. Jay is making his mark as an MC with a combative lyrical flow and unique old school sound. Executing his ability to blend beats with iconoclastic rhymes, Jay's style of music is gea ...



They say the friendships you make in college will last a lifetime, well meet Keshonda Walker from being my first (and only roommate) to a best friend. Keshonda and I met when I took over one of my friend’s leases at Jefferson Commons. Keshonda and I did not connect instantly, she had a little attitude that she now had to share her 2-bedroom apartment with someone new. A few weeks into my new apartment and barely talking to each other a neutral friend said, ...



I met Romana at a family friend’s wedding in November 2019. Romana was Saxophonist hired to play for the wedding. Like most of the audience, I was blown away with her talent. Romana plays with such a passion and even though she was not singing, you could feel the emotions of the song in every note she played. It wasn’t until the day after the wedding when Romana and I connected. I then learned she also plays the flute (Those that know me…I played the flute ...



I met Leticia in one of my religion classes at USF, however, it was not until she became my roommate’s line sister that we connected and became closer. Leticia would often visit our apartment with her other line sisters to go over their “pledging stuff” most of the girls would stay afterward which gave me the opportunity to get to know them a little better. Naturally, Leticia and my friendship grew, and we started to hang outside of the apartment…fast for ...



Willingly or unwillingly, we all touch the lives of people we encounter. Some master the art of touching people’s lives. Marquita is one such person who has touched the lives of hundreds of people positively. Marquita practices as a life coach, and rightly so. She has this immense positive energy radiating from her that makes you feel tall around her.It is no surprise that her conversations with people end with phrases like when are meeting next. The energ ...



Brittany Browne is an Orlando-based nurse, a certified life coach, author, and motivational speaker dedicated to providing women awareness about mental health and encouraging them to open up about their life experiences to enter new realms of self-discovery, acceptance, and internal happiness.Miss Brittany never shies away from talking about her insecurities and tactics to overcome them on her social media platforms to make everyone realize that they all a ...



I met James Alexander my freshman year at USF. I quickly noticed James’s talent when I attended a few campus events. James is hands down one of the best dancer/choreographers I know. I remember stressing him out by asking him to come up with a few dance routines to some of my favorite Chris Brown songs, without hesitation James always executed on the spot! Upon graduating, James moved to New York. Shortly after, I relocated to New York with my best friend ...