Willingly or unwillingly, we all touch the lives of people we encounter. Some master the art of touching people’s lives. Marquita is one such person who has touched the lives of hundreds of people positively. Marquita practices as a life coach, and rightly so. She has this immense positive energy radiating from her that makes you feel tall around her.

It is no surprise that her conversations with people end with phrases like when are meeting next. The energy Marquita brings with her every time makes me wonder where she gets all this flux from. Is there a reserve I am missing out on? Mental wellness is a real struggle these days; those who struggle with mental health issues are left with minimal options. Why wait for things to go from bad to worse when you can address the problem in its initial stage?

Marquita cannot stress the importance of mental health enough. She tries to drive home the point that our little rendezvous with people around us have a snowball effect. You would find her sermonizing a circle of people at social events on these very things. What she does is priceless. Mental wellness is the key to a happy life. We never know what could be affecting our mental health; we need a Marquita to the point that out for us.

Marquita shares her valuable insights on mental health on her Instagram page and can be reached here.


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