Jayson Hollingsworth Bka Jay Holly is an MC/lyricist, and owner of Now or Never Recording Studio, a vocal booth, located in Queens, New York City, where he records and mixes music for upcoming Artists.

Emerging from the gritty streets of Southside, Jamaica Queens, New York. Jay is making his mark as an MC with a combative lyrical flow and unique old school sound. Executing his ability to blend beats with iconoclastic rhymes, Jay’s style of music is geared to bring back that classic Golden Era tempo that the universe hasn’t heard since the ‘90s.

His EP entitled “Written Scriptures,” consist of tracks such as “Soldiers Theme” and “Survivor” in which he provides his listeners with an inside look at life in the drug-infested and murderous neighborhood he calls home. Jay illustrates dynamic expertise with his poetic words while never using profanity to elaborate, nor use the “N” word in any of his songs.

Check out Jay’s latest video “Tap Dancing” with Illy Fontaine produced by Vitto Himself. @2020 NoworNever and VHMedia.






They say the friendships you make in college will last a lifetime, well meet Keshonda Walker from being my first (and only roommate) to a best friend.

Keshonda and I met when I took over one of my friend’s leases at Jefferson Commons. Keshonda and I did not connect instantly, she had a little attitude that she now had to share her 2-bedroom apartment with someone new.

A few weeks into my new apartment and barely talking to each other a neutral friend said, we would really like each other if we made the attempt to get to know each other and so we did.

We found we had a lot in common including our Majors, Keshonda being a scholar, made studying so much easier for me.

Keshonda Walker is a Florida based licensed realtor who specializes as a buyer and a listing agent. She works along with the Watts Family Brokers and has landed a few successful sales within a couple of months. Currently, she serves as a senior management consulting service at Provana.

With over 15 years of experience, Keshonda is an intelligent, highly educated, motivated, and mature individual. Keshonda can work in a fast-paced, high energy environment. She pays great attention to detail and carries strong organizational and interpersonal skills. She can effectively multi-task and prioritizes duties along with her enthusiastic attitude.

Even as a student, she was always thorough in her work and explored above and beyond what was just expected. She is a great role model for others, has a very engaging personality, and is a good team player.

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I met Romana at a family friend’s wedding in November 2019. Romana was Saxophonist hired to play for the wedding.

Like most of the audience, I was blown away with her talent. Romana plays with such a passion and even though she was not singing, you could feel the emotions of the song in every note she played.

It wasn’t until the day after the wedding when Romana and I connected. I then learned she also plays the flute (Those that know me…I played the flute throughout Middle and High school). I also discovered how young she was! Again, my mind was blown as to how much she’s accomplished at such a young age.

Romana has reminded me of what it is like to follow your dreams, to use your talent to motivate and inspire others.

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The sentence music is life, shows itself with this versatile performer named Romana. A magnificent saxophone player who was able to turn her passion into a career. Currently, she is working on her first EP, with a purpose and determination to touch people through her heartfelt melodies. It all started at the age of 6, when the flute caught her eye, while she was roaming around at her school’s musical exploration day. Her teacher noticed her and immediately saw and heard her talent. It was only a year later that she joined the Orchestra at the age of 7! A humble shy Romana was captured by this moment and new experience. At the mere age of 11, she joined a percussion group, while also teaching herself to play the piano. She explored the sounds from South America and Africa. In this time, she dabbled with the sounds from; Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao and other parts of the Caribbean. These sounds represented her own beautiful mix (Surinamese, Indonesian, Chinese and Portuguese) and made the journey not only about music but about self-discovery as well.

On her 15th birthday she was gifted a saxophone and learned how to play in within 2 months. She was then accepted to music school. For her final showcase, she decided to take matters into her own hands and took on a full production by herself. From booking the venue, to arranging her tribute to her music journey, on stage.


Romana has been touring since 2016 and her desire is to travel the world and play as often as she can. She has performed all over the Netherlands as well as the United States, Germany, France, Aruba, Curaçao, Austria, Bonaire and Suriname. Telling her story emotionally through the notes of her saxophone, with unique and limitless talent, is Romana. The biggest compliment that she has gotten from her audience, is that she has a sound of her own and they can hear every word she sings through her saxophone. She is focused and determined to make her mark in the music industry. Next to being an incredible performing artist, Romana also composes music for other artists as well. This is only the beginning for Romana, so be ready to hear her debut EP releasing in October 2020.



I met Leticia in one of my religion classes at USF, however, it was not until she became my roommate’s line sister that we connected and became closer.

Leticia would often visit our apartment with her other line sisters to go over their “pledging stuff” most of the girls would stay afterward which gave me the opportunity to get to know them a little better.

Naturally, Leticia and my friendship grew, and we started to hang outside of the apartment…fast forward to now, her being one of my close’s friends!!

We obviously (lol) had the chance to sit down with her and ask her about her weight loss journey, see what she had to say.

“A lot of people ask me my reasons why I’ve always struggled with my weight from a child. I’ve lost weight on multiple occasions in several different ways but I could never maintain it. As life went on, I had no self-esteem and eventually, I grew tired. I felt like I had no control over anything in my life. I wanted to start making changes for me to build myself up to be strong enough to lose the weight and keep it off.

Since starting my journey I’ve lost more than 100 pounds and I have gained insight into how strong I can really be. My goal is to inspire others to lose weight and to know that it’s a journey and a lifestyle there will be ups and downs but that’s what this is. It’s a lifestyle change you should be able to enjoy it you should be able to maintain it long-term and you should be motivated by it.”

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Willingly or unwillingly, we all touch the lives of people we encounter. Some master the art of touching people’s lives. Marquita is one such person who has touched the lives of hundreds of people positively. Marquita practices as a life coach, and rightly so. She has this immense positive energy radiating from her that makes you feel tall around her.

It is no surprise that her conversations with people end with phrases like when are meeting next. The energy Marquita brings with her every time makes me wonder where she gets all this flux from. Is there a reserve I am missing out on? Mental wellness is a real struggle these days; those who struggle with mental health issues are left with minimal options. Why wait for things to go from bad to worse when you can address the problem in its initial stage?

Marquita cannot stress the importance of mental health enough. She tries to drive home the point that our little rendezvous with people around us have a snowball effect. You would find her sermonizing a circle of people at social events on these very things. What she does is priceless. Mental wellness is the key to a happy life. We never know what could be affecting our mental health; we need a Marquita to the point that out for us.

Marquita shares her valuable insights on mental health on her Instagram page and can be reached here.




Brittany Browne is an Orlando-based nurse, a certified life coach, author, and motivational speaker dedicated to providing women awareness about mental health and encouraging them to open up about their life experiences to enter new realms of self-discovery, acceptance, and internal happiness.

Miss Brittany never shies away from talking about her insecurities and tactics to overcome them on her social media platforms to make everyone realize that they all are only human, and it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. She is also an author of a 6-step interactive guide and journal ‘Supernova: Becoming the star of your galaxy,’ where she enthusiastically communicates with the readers about reconnecting to their souls and finding their true passion in life.

Her education and work experiences allowed her to incorporate technical planning in spiritual healing exercises described in her journal that help people fall in love with themselves and eventually reach their true potential. Brittany was also a part of the first-ever international women summit on 9th march because of her incredible activism and efforts to make women realize who they really are. Here is the link to Brittany’s guide, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08VCJ8L5K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1, that cannot only help women but everyone who is going through an existential crisis.




I met James Alexander my freshman year at USF. I quickly noticed James’s talent when I attended a few campus events. James is hands down one of the best dancer/choreographers I know. I remember stressing him out by asking him to come up with a few dance routines to some of my favorite Chris Brown songs, without hesitation James always executed on the spot!

Upon graduating, James moved to New York. Shortly after, I relocated to New York with my best friend Keshonda. James and I have always had a special connection, but it grew when we reconnected in New York. It was then when I discovered he was a man of many talents.

Upon meeting him, he won’t tell you he sings, but let me tell you, he’s voice is smooth like butter (James even sang backup at one of my performances).

Before moving back to the Sunshine State, James received his Cosmetology License at the Empire Beauty School in Manhattan, New York.

With over 5 years of experience and over a hundred clients, James is an experienced barber, hairstylist, and hair therapist. Along with this, James also specializes in making wigs.

James is also well versed in coloring hair, dreadlocks, beard trimming, and styling. James is also available for home service, making it easy to get that look you’ve always wanted or simply maintaining your appearance.

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I met Angela in college and although we live just across the bridge from one another, we have mainly kept in touch just like most, via social  media.

Angela has to be one of the most genuine individuals I’ve ever met! Angels’s positive spirit is beyond inspiring. Although we don’t have a personal relationship, I’ve always felt like she’s one of those friends you don’t talk to every day, but once you connect (or she posts on Facebook, lol) you pick back up where we left off.

Angela Tisdale, a proud mother of three, is a professional photographer and co-owner of Ultimate Stomping Ground, a private gym and fitness club owned by her and her husband Bryant Tisdale.

With a skill for snapping the unexpected. Angela creates a story with her work. Whether you’re looking for a lifestyle shoot, a head shot for a portfolio, or memorable wedding photographs, Angela’s has got it all covered.

An advocate for self-care and health, Angela uses her platform to encourage others by writing blogs, sharing positive messages, and posting workout videos.

…What advice does Angela have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “I’m a believer,” she said. “If God is tugging on your heart to do something, then do it. Life is too short to not be obedient. Don’t worry about income and other things that come with it. God will provide you with the tools you need. We are an example of that. When we started, we had very little income, but over time, everything has worked out. We’ve been blessed. I’d also encourage people to seek out advice from other entrepreneurs and to ‘legalize’ yourself and your business as early as possible. Take your time with the paperwork, separate your finances, and make sure you’re properly insured and protected. If we didn’t do these things, we never would have been able to work with the school systems.”

Full article at https://flvec.com/bryant-and-angela-tisdale

Angela is an inspiration to all creatives feeling that they need to limit their talent and focus on only one art!

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I met Hope Kriisa at a family friend’s house, if I remember correctly, it was a surprise birthday party. Hope and I connected instantly, it could be because we share the same birthdate, not year.

Hope and I both share the love of music, I had the chance to hear her sing one night out in Ybor City, come to think of it, that night was my favorite karaoke outing to-date!

Hope exemplifies, why focus on one form of art when you are gifted in multiple? A creative after my own heart!

Hope Kiriisa is an ambitious, charismatic, curvy model. Hope’s portfolio includes her work with some of the industry’s top brands such as Levis, DKNY and Vince Camuto. She has also captured the attention of celebrity designers such as Melissa McCarthy, Giuliana Rancic, Wendy Williams, and Jessica Simpson to name a few. Hope currently models on-air for the world’s leading retail television station, The Home Shopping Network, HSN.

Being born to Ugandan parents, strong values and morals were instilled in her at a very young age. Growing up, being a fashion model was not something that she dreamed of becoming, as she was lead to believe by society that only tall and slim women could model. Unexpectedly, during her sophomore year of college at the University of South Florida while majoring in Economics, she caught the eye of a fashion stylist and her life went in a new direction.

Hope enjoys creating music and acting, which has landed her several roles in commercials with high aspirations of taking her talents to the big screen. In the meantime, she is pushing the boundaries of her modeling career. The enthusiasm and fire that she has for youth is one like no other. Hope has been a motivational speaker, role model, mentor, and to youth and women for over a decade speaking at Teen Summits, Women Empowerment Conferences, and various community events.” Inspired to Empower” is Kiriisa’s initiative through the #TheHopePrint

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